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March 19-29

Intern Philly is back! Find a career launching opportunity in the greater Philadelphia region, whether you’re looking for a full time position or an amazing internship. Register for an account and apply away!

SponsoredOctober 18th 2017Comcast Corporation

Build a Better Tomorrow

Internships, Cooperative Educational Programs, Rotational Opportunities

blogSeptember 26th 2018Matthew Vesely

Being an Advocate for Yourself

An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health

blogOctober 3rd 2018Matthew Vesely

5 Steps to Writing a Resume

It can be intimidating to try and capture the essence of your experience on one page. Our team has the tips, tricks, and advice to help.

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ELAP partners with employers who seek to reduce their healthcare costs. By establishing reasonable claim limits and auditing all provider claims, ELAP assures fair and reasonable payments are made to...

ELAP Services

Our Mission is Simple: We believe in fairness within today's healthcare system.

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