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Pennoni Associates, established in 1966, is a multidiscipline engineering and design consulting firm that provides personalized services and solutions to meet the needs of our diverse clients. Pennoni...


As Pennoni celebrates 50 years in business, we reaffirm our commitment to provide personalized service to our clients and to determine the solution that best suits their needs.

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Blog PostOctober 18th 2017Misha Rodriguez, PHENND Fellows

Seeking Side Hustles and Finding Your Passion

Seek a balance between pointedly shaping your career while also being wildly open to new experiences.

SponsoredOctober 18th 2017Comcast Corporation

Build a Better Tomorrow

Internships, Cooperative Educational Programs, Rotational Opportunities

Blog PostJuly 5th 2017Brynn Monaghan, Campus Philly

Top 10 Words to Avoid on a Resume

Before you hit the send button, make sure to read this so you can be one step closer to your dream job!