P. O. Box 9525,  Wilmington  de,  19809
Mission Statement

ContactLifeline's mission is to keep people alive and safe, to help them through the crises, and to connect them to relevant community resources.

ContactLifeline was established in 1974 as CONTACT Wilmington serving Delaware residents in the Wilmington and New Castle County areas. Then in 1982, the organization became incorporated.

ContactLifeline, Inc., is a private 501(c) (3) non-profit agency and has served the Delaware community, state-wide, for over forty years. In the beginning, CONTACT Wilmington focused on handling crisis telephone calls from sexual assaults victims and survivors. Since then, ContactLifeline has the responsibility and honor to serve Delaware residents in their time of need with all aspects of their lives. The Crisis Helpline is available to anyone regardless of age or demographic particulars in the state of Delaware. All services offered by ContactLifeline are free of charge.

The Crisis Helpline Services serves population suffering suicidal ideation, depression, rape and sexual assault victims and the general population in need of information and referral services to address their basic necessities and anyone in need of 24/7 counseling services.

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