Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General - Bureau of Consumer Protection

1600 Arch St.,  Suite 300,  Philadelphia  pa,  19103
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Mission Statement

To protect Pennsylvanians from consumer fraud and unscrupulous business practices through the strong enforcement of our consumer protection laws

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection
•Investigates commercial and trade practices in the distribution, financing and furnishing of goods and services for the use of consumers;
•Conducts studies, investigations and research into matters affecting consumer interests and make such information available to the public;
•Advises the Legislature on matters affecting consumer interests, including the development of policies and the proposal of programs to protect consumers;
•Investigates fraud and deception in the sale, servicing and furnishing of goods and products, and strive to eliminate such illegal actions;
•Promotes consumer education and publicize matters relating to consumer fraud, deception and misrepresentation.

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