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Mission Statement

Kindling is a video based, online mentorship platform that empowers 18-29 year olds with the skills and mindsets to thrive personally and professionally.

Kindling is a masterclass for life skills.

Our world is confusing, busy, and demanding. Many young professionals feel overwhelmed and underprepared to reach their potential once they’re off on their own. Kindling helps provide a better understanding of WHO they are, WHAT they want to achieve, and HOW they can perform better by creating the conditions to succeed and live a life of meaning and contribution. These foundational skills and mindsets are critically important, but often not cultivated in our educational institutions - and sometimes not even at home. We’re here to fill that gap. Kindling is the class you never had, but wished you’d taken.

Kindling strategically blends an open, introspective dialog with practical, structured learning – leading to a consumer who is better prepared, confident, and self-reliant. Kindling’s program is made up of extensive pre-recorded video content led by Founder & CEO Peter Russell, which includes group lessons, case studies, action items, and more. Through this virtual classroom setting, Kindling is the type of immersive, Socratic, conversational experience that is largely missing in the online learning space.

Most of all, Kindling taps into the universal need for new adults to be understood – as they feel they are seen, heard, respected, and valued. In a world of constant change and disruption, Kindling prepares consumers in all aspects of their lives so they can be adaptable and perform at their best.

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