Finance Internship

10-20 hoursPhiladelphiaYear Round


An internship experience at SPIN affords students the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience while fulfilling a college course requirement. Internship experiences are available throughout the year within SPIN's Finance Department.

SPIN has been named as a Top Workplace 2015 by for the 6th year in a row. SPIN is an agency that is committed to excellence and invests in the professional development of our workforce.

Students will work within one of the most progressive, best practice human service organizations in the country. Students earning credit for class will receive a structured, well-supervised and enjoyable experience while being provided with the opportunity to practically apply their knowledge and develop skills and competencies within a variety of innovative programs and services. Many SPIN employees have started their careers at the agency as intern students and have chosen to build their professional futures at SPIN.


School Affiliation Agreement
Valid PA/NJ Driver's license
Proof of Clearances