Graphic Designer

Paid, 14-17/hr depending on skill & experience40 hoursWillow GroveYear Roundfree coffeeholiday bonus


Responsible for creating customer logos, revising/updating old logos upon request.

Responsible for providing virtual proofs (template provided) to customer.
-Art proofs are to include showing the design in color on correct garment style, garment color, specific location and appropriate sizing.
-All information above clearly noted on the proof.

Responsible for customer service (phone, emails) related to Art/Design.

Responsible for following up with customers regarding art proofs.
Responsible for making any changes to art proofs, as per customer request.

Responsible for outputting film for approved jobs
-Film must have: customer name, job title, location & invoice number, print location & ink color.
-Film should be outputted on a daily basis.

Responsible for maintaining art files in public folder for all to access.
-art files are placed in public folder after art is approved.

Responsible for managing and maintaining proof timeline by priority based upon due date.

Assisting in office tasks (answering phones, speaking with customers, weeding vynil, heat pressing) when needed.


Adobe suite, specifically Illustrator & photoshop