Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations

Web Development Intern

10-20 hoursPhiladelphiaYear RoundFree coffeeFederal Donut FridayMarketplace discountsDinners for working late


We are a small but perfectly formed startup based in Philadelphia. We will give you a chance to work on some great projects and develop your skills in exchange for dedication in doing what you love. You will join a culture that doesn't obsess about how many holiday days you have left and rewards people for their efforts.

We enjoy using Macs, 12-foot whiteboard walls, and iPhones at our mobile office. We utilize the ecosystem that technology has created over the past few years, which truly allows us to stay connected, and always in touch. You are free to use whatever you want to get the job done, just always keep in mind: be good or be gone.


The Web Developer is responsible for the design and development of all Web applications and components. The developer will be expected to collaborate with the design team to design, develop, test and deliver Colabination’s website and platform. Developers will have the ability to create applications, modify current applications and websites and be a creative thinker and doer in a group setting as well as individually on projects. As a Domain Expert, candidates are expected to maintain and implement domain names, be the lead on domain response, administration and registration.


-Operate effectively as an individual as well as a member of the design and development team.
-Responsible for developing web apps, webpages, graphics, multimedia, GUIs and implementing iterations to the Colabination platform
-Building and maintaining website using authoring or scripting languages, content creation and management tools
-Collaborating closely with product team to establish a mutual understanding of the back and front end technical implications of planned releases
-Responsible for delivering high quality results and meeting expected deadlines
-Demonstrates creative, technical and analytical skills as well as the ability to communicate effectively in both technical and business environments
-Reviewing code and assessing where improvements can be made
-Analyzing user needs to determine technical requirements
-User Testing the website to identify technical problems and bugs
-Research and propose software programs that are compatible with future technologies
-Oversee Web Hosting and Server maintenance
-Oversee Search Engine Optimization


-Understanding and experience with common UI/UX paradigms and best practices, bonus points for experience developing designs and functional mockups via tools such as Sketch and/or Invision
-1+ years of experience in product development

-Knowledge of the current SaaS/PaaS ecosystem, and experience working with and consuming data from 3rd-party APIs and web services
-Front-end development experience leveraging a modern technology stack including HTML5, JavaScript (ES5/ES6), CSS (LESS/SASS)
-Demonstrated experience with frontend frameworks and tools such as React.js, Redux, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, Ember.js, AngularJS, and Bootstrap
-Experience with common build tools and package management, such as npm, makefiles, Gulp, Grunt, Browserify, or Webpack

-Back-end development experience working with http servers (Apache, NodeJS, Nginx, Gunicorn, etc), and modern web application frameworks (Express, Koa, Flask, Sinatra, Django, etc.)
-Experience structuring, managing, accessing and transforming data from RDBMS and/or NoSQL systems.