Technology Start Up

Project Manager

Paid40 hoursPhiladelphiaYear RoundBenefitsCoffee & SnacksFree Happy HoursVariety of Workspaces


This is an excellent opportunity to lead projects and help grow PatientWing.

Specific job responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Manage client projects and relationships, including implementing, running and supporting patient outreach campaigns.
- Collaborate with clients to develop and design content for patient-facing materials.
- Coordinate all client related collaboration.
- Define project scope and create appropriate project plans.
- Communicate with clients regularly regarding progress and strategy of marketing campaigns and recruitment efforts.
- Analyze success of projects to identify areas for improvement.
- Coordinate all project related activities to ensure they are completed in a high quality and timely manner.
- Work with internal teams to ensure success of the project.
- Ensure renewals, extensions and/or expansion with assigned projects and clients.
- Sales & Marketing support:
> Create estimates, proposals and contracts
> Provide recommendations for new projects
> Design marketing campaigns and collateral as needed


Excellent interpersonal and communications skills (verbal & written) as well as attention to detail and task & project management skills are required.

Passion for project and client success is a must. Ability to collaborate and work in teams (with focus on team success) is critical.

If interested, please apply on Campus Philly or reach out to info@patientwing.com.