Media, Communications and Publishing

Digital Storytelling - Photography Intern

Paid, monthly transportation pass and stipend available10-20 hoursPhiladelphiaSummer


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Interns needed to aid Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) Marketing Department with Digital Storytelling project. Project involves two (2) intern positions – one (1) Video/Photography Intern and one (1) Writing/Storytelling Intern. Both positions will work together to visit UAC’s Program Partners across Philadelphia.

GOALS: Create 25+ new stories for UAC Marketing Department to increase awareness of the Urban Affairs Coalition’s 70+ Program Partners and the work they complete across Philadelphia.


• Coordinate interviews and meetings with UAC Program Partners and staff

• Document Program Partner interviews through video, photography, audio, and written recording

• Develop new content to be used by UAC Marketing and Communications team on website, social media, newsletters

• Capture client and partner stories with specific focus to impact and Ethos

• Provide digital content to UAC Marketing and Communications staff


Video/Photography Intern – Experience with DSLR cameras and portrait photography. Photography editing experience also required (at least one year). Professional/Formal training preferred. Video is ideal but applicants with only photography experience will be considered. Applicant is required to require own equipment. Portfolio required with application.