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New Invention Marketing Like that show on tv

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Looking for a Smart Interns with interest in many area like building of websites and social media projects. Also a smart intern to work on TV projects doing everything from product research for new inventions to being talent to marketing worldwide in all media. If your able to do any of these activities call now!!!. Looking at students, grad-students and people out of school who are interested in learning how to be a part of the marketing of products like the ones you see in the Shark Tank Marketing Projects on TV. We have been selecting the products and doing the marketing for 23 years before there was even an idea called Shark Tank. Our x co-worker was the inventor of the Informercial and was selected the First and (Original Shark)on ABC Hit Tv show Shark Tank because he was selecting and marketing products on TV 25 years before there was an even a show idea called Shark Tank. So we are experts in selecting the next greatest products that you will see on TV and the net. This is a flex schedule opportunity with some options to do work from your location also. This opportunity is available now and in the spring and summer and can be extended if you're interested and or going for your masters or Ph.D.'s or not in school and want to get these projects on your resume for 2019. But Wait there is more, call now!! 215 8843668 for details.