Traffic Counting Technician

Paid, Low $40,000s (position level & salary commensurate with education & experience)40 hoursPhiladelphiaYear Round


Job Description
The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is the Philadelphia region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization, and we facilitate data-driven decision-making. One of the ways we accomplish this is by collecting data on how well transportation systems are working. Transportation planning and engineering studies need a large amount of data – how many cars drive down this street? How fast are they driving? Where are they going? This position will do the technical and manual work to collect this data. Work includes collecting and recording traffic volumes and turning movements at highway intersections; conducting special traffic studies in the field, transcribing data from traffic videos, collecting travel time data; collecting pedestrian and bicycle volumes either manually or with counting equipment; recording aircraft statistics at local airports; or assisting in survey activities. Emphasis is placed on learning and applying the principles and practices of traffic engineering. Close supervision is provided by the Associate Manager, Office of Travel Monitoring who assigns projects, gives preliminary instructions, reviews work in progress, and approves the resulting work upon completion for quality and adherence to established standards. A high level of independence is expected in carrying out daily tasks and responsibilities.

• Drive and maintain a vehicle provided by DVRPC in the Greater Philadelphia area within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
• Perform manual classification of vehicular traffic, conduct highway and transit surveys, conduct travel time surveys, manually count pedestrian and bicycle traffic, set data collection equipment at regional airports, and other transportation surveys and studies, as required.
• Transcribe traffic data collected through use of digital video recordings in an efficient and accurate manner.
• Place automatic bicycle and pedestrian counting machines at designated sites, assure counting machines operate accurately and collect data from machines.
• Collect data for inventory of physical characteristics of highway systems. Survey and report physical and operational features of roadways and intersections for inclusion in technical reports, as required.
• Collect and record traffic turning movements at highway intersections.
• Install and maintain permanent bicycle and pedestrian counting equipment.
• Collect, retrieve, and disseminate traffic and count data as requested.
• Assist office staff with data retrieval and analysis, when necessary.
• Follow established state and federal guidelines for working safely on roadways.
• Perform related work as required.


• Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.
• Ability to become knowledgeable regarding the techniques and operation of devices used in collecting and analyzing comprehensive data for a wide variety of transportation planning surveys and studies.
• Thorough knowledge and skill in interpretation of highway maps.
• Ability to learn techniques used in conducting various types of traffic and transit surveys.
• Ability to use and care for traffic recording instruments.
• Ability to communicate effectively and establish and maintain effective working relationships.
• Ability to work outdoors in all adverse weather conditions.
• Sufficient physical stamina required for strenuous activities including but not limited to: lifting and relocating bags of up to 40 pounds, digging holes, and shoveling snow.
• Ability to squat, bend, kneel, and stand frequently, as well as sit for extended periods of time.
• Ability to operate a motor vehicle in a responsible and safe manner.

Experience & Training
To classify as a Level PA I, a minimum of THREE YEARS of traffic-related knowledge or skills, or survey work, or technical and manual labor experience, and such training as may have been gained from graduation from a standard high school, or General Educational Development (GED) certification, or an equivalent combination of experience and training.