Fulphil Fellow

10-20 hoursPhiladelphia5 positions availableYear Round


Fellows go through our intensive leadership curriculum to transition them to the next step in their careers in the impact sector. Through our training, students will gain expert knowledge on how to lead by inspiring their peers at their universities to pursue social entrepreneurship. Upon completion of this hands-on training, fellows are matched to work with one of our partner social enterprise companies to apply their skill sets and gain even more work experience.
The Fulphil Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for students to develop broad non-profit leadership skills, as well as intimate connections with key players in Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial space. The Fulphil Fellow will work with the Fulphil team to execute its strategic, social entrepreneurial plan of empowering the youth to come up with innovative solutions that will make a lasting impact on Philadelphia.

Great verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated ability to work effectively with a team and independently
Interest in how Fulphil fosters community and collaboration through partnership with local, social enterprises
Interest in furthering the City of Philadelphia through innovative, social impact
Ability to be creative and flexible in a fast-paced environment
Strong analytical and organizational skills
Proficient at all Google Suite applications (Docs, Sheets, etc)


We are looking for a Fulphil Fellow who will work with Fulphil’s core team in a variety of areas that include, but is not limited to:
Creating a cohesive, well-planned business plan to secure funding
Generating new ideas with the aim of creating new marketing initiatives
Attending regional networking events
Interacting with the Fulphil team on a daily basis, willing to provide support where necessary to ensure positive results