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Internship at Penn Vet Working Dog Center

10-20 hoursPhiladelphia25 positions availableYear Round


Opened on September 11, 2012, the Penn Vet Working Dog Center serves as a national research and development center for detection dogs.

With the United States national security under constant threat from attacks, detection dogs are still the best tool that we have to detect and mitigate potential threats. Search dogs are also critical for the detection of victims of natural and man-made disasters. In addition, some dogs are trained to be Diabetic Alert Dogs, some are trained for Ovarian Cancer detection, while others are training for other detection services.

As pioneers in the working dog field, our goal is to increase collaborative research and the application of the newest scientific findings and veterinary expertise to optimize the performance of lifesaving detection dogs.


8-12 week committment
3 days a week minimum, 12 hours per week minimum
Completion of project/research summary if receiving credit and required by your institution
18+ years of age
High School Students need parental permission and need to apply thru their school
Attendance and punctuality a MUST
Adherence to dress code: long pants, closed top shoes, long sleeve shirt, work gloves, treat bag, clicker
What you can expect:
Daily hands-on interaction with eh working dogs in training
Opportunity to learn about dog training and scientific research
Daily guidance from trainers and Veterinary staff ( when available)
Help maintain the well-being of dogs in the program
Email resume, cover letter, and dates you wish to do your internship to:
Dr. Judith Berke, Volunteer & Outreach coordinator -

One letter of reference should be emailed directly from reference to Dr. Berke.

For additional information visit our website at: