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Art Gallery / Management / Marketing Intern

Paid, $720 stipend for 3 months10-20 hoursMontgomeryYear Round


Small, friendly startup is looking for a qualified intern interested in business, fine art, as well as tattoo culture to join the studio. We cater to art collectors in the Philadelphia area who appreciate lowbrow as well as high-end works. We seek an intern who can participate in various stages of exhibition development, print and online marketing campaigns, as well as standard business operations. We are looking to hire an intern with strong knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape, sales, and business management. Applicant should have a basic understanding of the tattoo process as well as general knowledge of art forms. Applicant should expect to be involved in all aspects of the business operation. This intern should be prepared to work in a casual yet productive environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing, management, design, sales, and gallery operations. The intern hired for this position will need strong critical thinking skills as well as an aesthetic for design.

The studio aims to create a highly informative experience that is equally beneficial for both parties. As an intern with us, you will gain insight into the daily work of an art gallery, a startup business, and the tattoo industry in general. You will experience the process of organizing and installing an art show, as well as communicating with artists and clients, art handling and storage, marketing and design. The business owner who will act as a mentor will guide interns.

*This is not an apprenticeship for tattooing and the intern will not be involved with clients during such procedures.

We are offering 1 part-time internship and unpaid, to work 2-3 days a week for 15 hours with a commitment of 3 months. The stipend for the three months is $720 to cover cost of travel and lunch. It will be paid on a biweekly basis. Typical hours of operation are 11:00 AM- 9:00 PM, closed only on Mondays. Credit can be arranged with your college/university.

Assist with developing and installing art exhibitions as well as the opening receptions
Assist in corresponding with artists and collectors, including sales
Assist with merchandise and window display
Assist in the creation of press releases, advertisement design, e-mail campaigns, on-line promotion, etc.
Assist in the distribution of marketing materials
Assist with execution of trade shows
Perform analysis of marketing and sales data
Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline
Seek support for cross promotion opportunities
Prepare presentations
Enter contact information into contact management systems
Provide support to social media efforts
Online outreach and promotion using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more
Website and social media optimization

Serious Interns are encouraged to apply and submit cover letter and CV for review.


Company is looking for an undergraduate or graduate student in the Philadelphia area who is majoring in Fine Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Sales, Marketing, Business, or Communications. This person will be based in the front-of-house desk and should at least have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with extensive knowledge of Web and social media, be Mac OS literate, Word and Excel proficient, familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as a solid understanding of youth markets. Must be presentable, confident and have a friendly disposition.