computer science

Technical and Programming Lead

Paid40 hoursPhiladelphiaYear Round


Technical and programming lead for Elm Partners, an algorithmic investment-management firm. This is a new full-time role and will report to the to CEO/CTO.

Responsibilities include:
• Portfolio-management system development in Python
• SQL database design and maintenance
• Lightweight systems administration
• Flexible, Center City work environment within a small team
• Interested in hearing from people who share our passion for innovation within technology and finance, but no prior experience in finance specifically is required.


• Strong programming skills, ideally with some experience in technical and/or scientific programming.
• Math/physics/Computer Science/engineering background/ major very helpful
• Python experience helpful, but not necessary given sufficient general programming experience
• No finance knowledge needed, but interest in finance desirable
• Familiarity with SQL database design and maintenance

Send a resume and cover letter to info@elmfunds.com or apply here.