Information Technology

Summer Internship: Phenom People

Paid40 hoursMontgomery6 positions availableSummerCoffee, gym onsite, free breakfast on Mondays/free lunch on Fridays, candy and cereal wall and so much more.


Our Phenom People Intern will be assigned real world assignments that directly impacts our business objectives. We are looking for interns in Marketing, Human Resources, Account Management, Customer Success, and Technical Solutions. You will get to work with hands-on projects within the business. You will also have the opportunity to build a network of friends and professional contacts, work in a fast-paced start-up culture, and see first-hand how Phenom People is leading the way in Talent Relationship Marketing.

You should be…

● Curious. We’re creating something entirely new. You’ll need to be able to let your curiosity drive you with an open mind.
● Positive Thinking. You should be happy and inspired by your work– just as we are. That simple belief fuels our collective desire.
● Self- Confidence. You should be bold and believe in our purpose to help a billion people find the right job.

● Responsibility. You should be reliable for our product, customers, employees, and community.

● Intensity. Having high energy and drive to accomplish our goals

Key Knowledge, Skills, or Qualities:

● Believe in our Core Values!
● Proven leadership and critical thinking skills
● Basic understanding of human resource development
● Willingness to learn new technologies and be a team player

What you should expect….
Work in a high energy, crazy-fun, and agile team environment. It’s fast-paced with new projects popping up quickly and tight deadlines always around the corner. We are proud to offer our interns a flexible work structure, but also value responsibility and hard work above all else.
Who we are….

At Phenom People, we believe great people build great companies. We know that there is no difference between marketing and selling products and jobs, so we took CRM and e-commerce best practices and applied them to talent acquisition and built the world’s first Talent Relationship Marketing platform. Candidates today are not job hunters, they are savvy shoppers. They expect a certain quality of user experience when browsing jobs, researching companies and applying for positions - an experience traditional recruiting tools and tactics cannot deliver. Welcome to the talent relationship business. TRM is an automated system for managing the talent relationship lifecycle of current and future candidates, driving awareness, interest, engagement and acquisition. Our Phenom TRM platform aligns the objectives, priorities and actions of candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders. Phenom People strives to be the most innovative HR tech company in the world. By offering unique, engaging experiences for candidates, our platform helps put the right opportunity in front of the right person at the right time so you can continue to build phenomenal teams and achieve business goals for years to come. Stop recruiting. Start relationship marketing.