Environmental Science
Education K-12

Environmental Education and Animal Behavior

10-20 hoursPhiladelphiaFall Semester


The Environmental Education & Animal Behavior Internship is designed to provide practical experience in animal observation, education, and conservation. This program also includes the opportunity to gain a broad insight to the Zoo community and how it operates. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Zoo everyday while providing an educational experience to our guests.

Animal Observation and Monitoring. Under the supervision of the Volunteer Programs Manager and working with members of our animal staff, interns are responsible for the monitoring and observation of the animals in various locations in the Zoo. Each intern is also responsible for the development and execution of an individual observation project designed to assist the Zoo in gathering information on the behaviors of a specific in-house species.

Zoo-wide Interpretation. Through formal presentations, informal conversations and research activities, interns will interpret many of the daily activities that take place in the Zoo. Interns participate in daily talks and interpretation of animal feeding and training demonstrations throughout the Zoo. Interns also staff “Exploration Stations” strategically located throughout the Zoo. Each station is equipped with interactive activities or biofacts (skins, skulls, teeth, etc.) relating to a specific animal and its conservation. Interns encourage visitors to participate, touch, and ask questions that will increase their knowledge of the animals in the Zoo.

Meet Zoo Professionals - This internship will provide the opportunity to meet professionals in the Zoo field from Keepers to Veterinarians to Conservationists in order to learn how the Zoo works and how they achieved their careers.

The internship lasts at least 10-12 weeks and interns must be available 8 hours a week during the fall, winter and spring season, and 24 hours a week during the summer season.


This unpaid internship is open to students or graduates of any major with at least a 2.5 GPA. Internships are available throughout the year and the application process is continuous. Applications for the summer season are due by March 1. Acceptance letters will be sent out on April 1.